The system of statistical indicators of museum activities (hereinafter referred to as the system) is intended for the compilation and electronic representation of indicators and their values listed in annual statistical reports of museum activities. The system makes visible and analyses data for statistical reports of all Lithuanian museums registered in the system, and makes visible the changes in the most important indicators. The data comparison function provides even better opportunities for analysing the data contained in the system (see Report Filter at the end of this text). By selecting the desired fields, it is possible to compile a comparative report on statistical indicators and to download the report.

The most important performance indicators for museums in 2020 are:

At the beginning of 2021, 106 museums (in 2020, 107 museums) provided statistical reports in the system of statistics for museum activities:

4 national;

15 republican;

54 municipal;

23 departmental;

10 other (public institutions/non-state museums).

In 2020, 7,682,456 objects were held in the collections of Lithuanian museums. In 2020, museums acquired 116,300 objects (125,258 objects were acquired in 2019).

Over the course of 2020, 2,837,798 visitors visited Lithuanian museums. Due to stay-at-home orders and restrictions on visiting public spaces, the number of visits was almost halved compared to the previous year. This number consists of individuals and organised groups, visitors to permanent collections, and participants attending educational workshops and events organised by the museum.

The five most-visited museums of 2020:

Lithuanian Sea Museum - 422 149 visitors;

National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania - 230 253 visitors;

Lithuanian National Museum of Art - 172 072 visitors;

National Museum of Lithuania - 139 849 visitors;

Kretinga Museum - 131 394 visitors.


In 2020, museums held 15,413 educational workshops that were attended by 251,943 participants. This amounted to 46% of the number of educational workshops held in 2019, and 41% of the number of participants in educational workshops that year. The largest number of educational workshops and participants were at the Lithuanian Sea Museum: 2,831 workshops and 16,902 participants.

The number of renovated museum expositions was 178.

The number of museum exhibitions was 1,508 (of which 67 were international).

The number of museum employees was 3,364 (of which 1,446 were museologists).



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